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What No One Tells You About Construction and Contractors

Welcome to my blog. My name is Belinda, and I recently built a house from the ground-up with my husband. Through building, we worked with a range of construction crews, contractors and specialists. I learned a lot along the way, but the experience would have been easier if I had known about some things up front. In this blog, I am going to help others who are starting the process of constructing a new home. In this blog, I plan to share all the things no one ever tells you about construction and contractors. I'm writing this from my custom home, and I couldn't be happier. Trust me, the whole process is worth it. Thanks for reading and happy building!


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Why Permanent Placement Roles Are Better In The Construction Industry

In recent times, temporary jobs or contract basis jobs have been hyped as a better option because they allow you to gauge if the company is a good fit for you, and they also enable you to gain wider experience within a shorter period time. However, as this article points out, if you're seeking job placement in the construction industry, permanent roles are better than temporary ones. Read on to see why.

The work is the same

In the commercial sector, different workplaces may offer a different experience in regards to the nature of the work and the working environment itself. That is why hopping from one temporary job to another in that sector may confer valuable experience to a job seeker. However, the same does not apply in the construction industry. That's because all jobs there are the same. If, for example, you're a builder or a paving contractor, the work and the working environment remain the same no matter where you go. So you do not necessarily benefit from added experience by hopping from one job to another. If anything, permanent roles are the ones that will give you more experience.  

Construction companies are limited in number

Another reason why permanent placement roles are better in the construction industry is because construction employers are limited. Construction jobs cannot be compared to commercial jobs in terms of sheer numbers. In the commercial sector, new vacancies open up every day. Not so much in the construction industry. As a prospective job seeker in the construction industry, therefore, you do not have the leisure to pass up permanent roles just for the sake of soaking up experience. You have to grab any good permanent role that comes about and stick with it.

Temporary jobs don't pay that well

Construction jobs do not pay as well as most white-collar commercial jobs. This means that as a job seeker in the construction industry, you cannot afford to stay without work as you hop from one temporary contract to another. That may work in the white-collar sector but not in construction. And two, contract jobs don't pay as well as permanent ones. So a permanent role is better on the basis of income alone. You get full benefits, paid leave, overtime, etc.    

Of course, if all you can get is a temporary or a temp-to-perm job, then by all means, take it and run with it. However, if you have the opportunity to land a permanent placement role in the construction industry, don't pass it up for a contract job. For more information, contact a business such as DSC Personnel.