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What No One Tells You About Construction and Contractors

Welcome to my blog. My name is Belinda, and I recently built a house from the ground-up with my husband. Through building, we worked with a range of construction crews, contractors and specialists. I learned a lot along the way, but the experience would have been easier if I had known about some things up front. In this blog, I am going to help others who are starting the process of constructing a new home. In this blog, I plan to share all the things no one ever tells you about construction and contractors. I'm writing this from my custom home, and I couldn't be happier. Trust me, the whole process is worth it. Thanks for reading and happy building!


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Reasons to Switch to a Room Air Conditioner

If you currently have a central air conditioner in your home, you might be looking for something smaller that is easier to take care of. These are just two of the benefits of a room air conditioner, which might include a window or portable air conditioner. Here are some reasons to switch to a room air conditioner.

Your Energy Bill Will Be Lower

A great reason to choose a room air conditioner is the fact that it can help lower your monthly energy bills. These air conditioners don't use a lot of power when they are being used. This is partly because the systems themselves are smaller and partly because they only cool off one room at a time. For example, when you use a portable air conditioner, it only cools off the room you are in. You can save money by only getting cool air in the room where you are at the time as opposed to cooling off the entire house, which tends to be a waste of energy by cooling off rooms you aren't even using. The same goes for a window air conditioner, though some of these can cool off larger areas of the home, such as a kitchen, dining room, and living at the same time.

Little Maintenance is Required

You will also be happy to note that routine maintenance you do on your own is easier than if you were using a room air conditioner as opposed to central air. With central units, you not only need to worry about changing the air filters, but you also have to check and clean out the ductwork, which is not an easy job. In many cases, you need to pay a professional to clean out the ducts so that only clean air is coming out of the vents when running the HVAC system. With a room air conditioner, the most maintenance you are going to do is change the air filters and occasionally clean inside the unit or do some minor adjusting with the thermostat.

Repairs Cost Less Money

The repairs you need to work on with a room air conditioner also cost you less money. Occasionally, your window air conditioner won't be working right and you will need to call an HVAC technician. Luckily, regardless of what is wrong with it, these tend to be less than when your central air conditioner is having problems.