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Welcome to my blog. My name is Belinda, and I recently built a house from the ground-up with my husband. Through building, we worked with a range of construction crews, contractors and specialists. I learned a lot along the way, but the experience would have been easier if I had known about some things up front. In this blog, I am going to help others who are starting the process of constructing a new home. In this blog, I plan to share all the things no one ever tells you about construction and contractors. I'm writing this from my custom home, and I couldn't be happier. Trust me, the whole process is worth it. Thanks for reading and happy building!

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Tips for Removing Asbestos Floor Tiles

It is possible for a number of different home building materials to contain asbestos, but it is also possible for the vinyl flooring within your home to also contain asbestos. This means that if your flooring has an adhesive backing that allows it to adhere to the floor, it could potentially contain asbestos. Asbestos was used to make the vinyl flooring more durable and resistant to damage. Asbestos flooring that is in good condition is not necessarily hazardous, but over time it is possible that the flooring tiles can become damaged to the point that the asbestos particles are released into the air. This is when having asbestos floor tiles in your home can be hazardous to your health. This means that it is suggested that you have asbestos floor tiles removed right away. Before you begin removing asbestos floor tiles, it is best to be aware of the helpful tips that make the process simpler.


It is always important that you begin prepping the asbestos tiles before you actually remove them. All furniture items within the room should be removed completely to ensure that no asbestos fibres make their way into any other materials that are left within the home. You should also look to restrict air flow within the room that you will be working. This means that you should close vents and turn off any air conditioning that goes to this work area.


It is important that you wet the asbestos floor tiles before you remove them. This helps to reduce the risk of asbestos fibres being released into the air. Make sure that the tiles are completely soaked with water before you make any cuts into the asbestos tiles at all.


When the asbestos tile has been made wet, you can then begin removal. It is best that you use the technique for removal that involves beginning at the edge of the tile. Vinyl floor tiles are easiest to remove when you begin at the edge. You can use a putty knife to work at the edges in order to create an opening. This will allow you to pop the vinyl asbestos tile loose from the edge.

The first tile is the one that is often the most difficult to pry loose, but the rest will be simpler once you have more room to work with when prying them up. Make sure that you place all removed asbestos floor tiles in disposal bins that are designed for hazardous waste of this type.